Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yesterday was Magic Kingdom Time!

And now, for Disney at their best!

It's Cinderella's castle across the water! This means Disney World to me.

OK... I've got the castle thing down... now, where's my Prince?

A whooole neeew woooorld!!! Mom enjoying the Magic Carpets of Alaadin ride.

And to be fair... a close up of Pirate Jen, too! Yarrrrgghhhh!!

A customary Mom and Jen photo! She hates these close-ups of us, yet poses for them all the time. :)

A blurry Cinderella's Castle lit up for night. There was beautiful fireworks to end the day, a really spectacular job was done.

Had a great day, even though there were more kids than usual due to the holiday. We had to wait a long time for the Dumbo ride! Anyway, we went on every thing from Pirates of the Carribean (which has a couple of Captain Jack Sparrow's floating around, the likeness of Johnny Depp is amazing), to the Peter Pan ride, to Splash Mountain, and lots in between. There were a lot of memories of when we went 16 years ago, and lots of nice new memories were made. Tomorrow we head off to Epcot! Today we just relaxed by floating around the pool. We needed a day of rest. This running around stuff is work! And we thought we were on vacation!! :)