Friday, November 9, 2007

I have one word to say...

... SHAMU! There is no way I can describe how amazing Sea World is. I have never been, and it was positively fantastic. I even got to pet a dolphin. I found out that dolphins are actually small whales. I really can't say how wonderful the whole day was, and I took way too many pictures, so I'll just post some of them here. I am always in amazement of God's creations...

Lookin' cool...

Shorts... in November!

Look... a boat!

This was part of an awesome show called "Pets Ahoy!" Mom really loved it, being she's a dog trainer and understood a lot of their techniques.

Sharks overhead!

Yes, it is I... the King of Sea World!

Yes? Here I am! Give me a treat!

No, no cameras, please... we're on break.


What, you're leaving? Take us with you!!