Sunday, November 4, 2007

Welcome to Georgia!!

Well, we have safely arrived in Pooler, Georgia, which is near Savannah. Today was a lot of fun. We spent about an hour at South of the Border, and I drove some. I have noticed that some of the "locals" aren't NYer friendly, but that's ok. I still smile and show the love of Jesus. I have eaten cosiderably too much hash browns on this trip, and mom's neck is in pain, so she bought some Tylenol PM so she can get a nice sleep tonight, because tomorrow we'll be reaching Florida! Oh, we had a contest to see who would see the first palm tree, and it was me, so mom had to buy dinner tonight. Please enjoy some pictures of today, and keep us in your prayers!!

Welcome to South of the Border!!

Look every one... it's Pedro!!!

Mom with a dinosaur wearing a sombrero!

Jen with a dinosaur wearing a sombrero!

A beautiful Georgia sunset to end yet another awesome day...


David said...

Nice pictures again - except the one of the hotel at night. Set up the cammera to pick the aperture and speed - set it to automatic and place your back agains a tree or something that does not move. This way night shots do not come out fuzzy or shaky.
Enjoy your trip!