Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day One!

We started out around 10:00am, and although there was a slight detour, we made it nearly to the end of Virginia by 8:30, where we pulled into a Days Inn for the night. I was very excited when we passed the exit for North East, Maryland on I95, which is where I go with my church every year on our retreat! I am going to show the retreat complex to my mother when we drive homeward again.

I95 in the fall... beautiful.

Here we come to a bridge. I'm enjoying my digital camera!

Check out the tunnel! Whooooo!!

Mom and I at a Denny's Diner, fashioned after a real 50's diner.

Just because I gave up Coke doesn't mean I can't admire it from afar!

Our wonderful waitress Shelly!

Cool pics, even at night! I will write/post more soon. Thanks to all who are keeping us in your prayers. We miss you all!


David said...

Good shots, hope you two have a great time traveling through the eastern seaboard. Don't pick up hitchikers regardless of how handsome they look.